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Quotes Of The Day

Niranjana Swami
Lectures from a Disciple, Vol. 2, "Faith - the Price for the Holy Name"

Perform all your duties prescribed according to your position - whether you are a brahmacari, grihastha, vanaprastha, or sannyasi, without disturbance. If you perform your Krishna-conscious activities with firm faith in hearing and chanting about Krishna, you will see that gradually you will lose the natural attachment connected to those duties and become more attached to Krishna. 

Srila Prabhupada
Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 13.4, Bombay, September 27, 1973

Krsna says, yesam tv anta-gatam papam. One who has completely finished his sinful activities, yesam tv anta-gatam papam jananam punya-karmanam. Who can become free from sinful activities? One who is engaged always in pious activities. If you are engaged in pious activities always, where is the chance of committing sinful activities? Therefore the most pious activity is to chant Hare Krsna maha-mantra. If you are engaged always, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, if your mind is always engaged in Krsna consciousness, then there is no accommodation for other things to come to your mind. This is the process of Krsna consciousness. As soon as we forget Krsna, maya is there, immediately captured.