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Quotes Of The Day

Niranjana Swami
Lectures from a Disciple Vol 1, p. 208

A devotee is prepared to give up selfishness. He is prepared to accept any inconvenience, even if it means his own suffering. He is prepared to accept that the selfless giving of Krsna consciousness is the highest form of worshipping the Lord. When we preach in this way, kicking out everything else, and when others experience our real love, they will want to reciprocate with Krsna. Anyone who becomes an object of such love will want to do something to reciprocate.

Srila Prabhupada
Letter to Kirtanananda, 8 December, 1968

You have asked whether you may use charcoals to use for fuel during the winter and since this is the simplest thing to use in your present situation certainly it is all right. In all such questions as this you need only use your good common sense and depend upon Krishna as always to guide you nicely.