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Quotes Of The Day

Niranjana Swami
Taking Care of Krishna’s Devotees, p. 158

Bhaktivinode Thakur says that sometimes we see that those who are engaged in the process of sadhana bhakti lose their faith in the goal, and after prolonged sadhana, may give it up. He therefore says that patience means that one has to have the conviction that, “I will go on serving Krishna and expect His mercy. Even if it takes one year, ten years, a hundred years, or in some future life, I will go on serving Krishna and not give it up.” This is patience. One has to be this patient, but sometimes we see that those who are engaged in sadhana bhakti lose this patience. Either they lose sight of what the goal is, or if one is not careful, he loses his faith that he can possibly achieve that goal. This faith is a very important element or ingredient. One actually has to have faith that it is possible.

Srila Prabhupada
Letter to Christopher, July 13, 1968

The preliminary processes of yoga system are to control the senses, and practice some bodily position by which the mind can be made fixed up on the point of Visnu Murti. But none of them do practice like that, but generally they are attracted by the bodily exercises only, haphazardly. And they take it as yoga practice. And others, they are addicted to sex indulgence and intoxication habit. Our system is completely different from theirs. In the beginning, we simply invite men to come and join us in the transcendental vibration by chanting Hare Krishna. We do not say that you pay me something and I give you this chanting. But this chanting is open without any secret, and we do not ask anyone to pay for it. But the chanting is transcendental, and therefore, simply by vibration, one gradually becomes spiritually advanced, and thus he offers himself to become my disciple. In that discipleship also, I do not charge anything. Neither do I offer anything new. I offer the same Hare Krishna beads, but it becomes spiritually powerful on account of being delivered in disciplic succession. And practically we see that the students who are initiated in this way, they are advancing slowly and surely, and any one of my students can challenge any student of so-called yogis, and that is practical evidence.