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Quotes Of The Day

Niranjana Swami
Collected Letters Written to Friends and Disciples, Volume 2, p. 247

I am very inclined to see my disciples remain and steadily serve in one temple, and I am very disappointed when I see my disciples whimsically move around from one temple to another. There will be so many shortcomings, no matter what temple one serves in. The best way to improve the situation is to become part of the solution and not part of the problem. When devotees stay, voluntarily accept inconveniences, and mature in their Krishna consciousness, a temple will naturally improve. It becomes the kind of temple that new devotees will want to take shelter in and join. But if a temple is constantly drained by this whimsical moving around, the opposite effect will always take place.

Srila Prabhupada
Letter to Himavati, 24 January, 1969

Regarding your question about the husband becoming the Spiritual Master of the wife, anyone who can give instructing in spiritual life is treated as Spiritual Master. There are two kinds of Spiritual Master, initiator and instructor. So the husband can help the wife as instructor.